Alkalized food additive colors

    Alkalized food additive colors

    It is called to those food additive colors that are exist in nature and it is produced by chemical process such as sunset yellow. quin yellow, brilliant blue, Alu red


    Using of chemical food colors have some biologic effects on user that is possible to lose healthy by using permanently

    There is  possibility of cancer and de seas liver and kidney for users more that other organs of the body. It is also has some effects on children, pregnant women, adults who are at more risk. Using of illegal food additive colors which is used in biscuits, yakhmak will be caused to have problems with liver disease even death. It is possible to feticide in pregnant women who uses illegal food additive colors.

    Food additive colors are caused the children concentration, and some of them create problematic health in proactive children. Actually, based on the chemical materials in food additive colors will caused to poison and it has serious and intense disease and that is why the legality of food additive color is really important

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