Farmed Vannamei shrimp is one of the nutritious with high frequency of features that is strongly said it has many fans from all around the world. Many countries want to buy this product because of high quality of Iranian farmed shrimps and we export it frequently. High exporting of this product is caused to bring many currencies for the country.


    Farmed Vannamie shrimp is one of the most famous and knowable kinds of shrimps which can be exported to foreign countries in high volume with the best quality.


    Different sizes of shrimps:

    Shrimps are sold based on their sizes in the food industry, and numbers have useful information that can help us to buy this product.

    If you noted it is said 40-30 for buying shrimps, what does it mean?And what kind of information it has? Different countries use different scales and sizes for numbering shrimps. Some countrires use the scale of the shrimps in Pound and some countries use two numbers such as 40-30, What does this mean? It means one kilogram of shrimps you can find 30 to 40 numbers of shrimps and it may possible to have 30 shrimps or it may possible to be 40 shrimps in numbers. So, it is clearly said that when the size of shrimp is bigger and larger the numbers of shrimps are less in one kilogram and it is more expensive than small sizes.

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