Handwashing foam With Glycerin 500 gr

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    Detergent is a surfactant or a combination of surfactants that can be cleaned in dilute solutions. These compounds are usually alkyl benzene sulfonate. These compounds are similar to soap but have a higher solubility in hard water, which is less likely to form polar sulphate bonds (in detergents) than to form bonds between polar carboxylates (in soap) with calcium and other ions. The ones in the water are hard.
    Detergents come in a variety of forms, such as soaps, washing powders, laundry detergents, and shampoos.
    Due to the emergence of coronavirus, the importance of solubility and elimination of viruses and bacteria is felt more than ever. Therefore, detergents and hygiene products such as soap, toilet liquid, disinfectants, etc. are very important.
    Niaro is one of the important companies in the field of health cosmetics production, which is a pioneer in the production of various detergents and health products with different scents.
    Niaro toilet liquid:
    Transparent washing liquid gives freshness to the skin of your hands using the raw materials used in its special formulation.
     Vitamin E, which prevents premature aging and dryness of the skin and gives you the necessary freshness due to the presence of antioxidants.
     Aloe vera extract prevents swelling and itching of the skin and helps to clarify your skin. Its beneficial properties can also be mentioned as a strong moisturizing and rejuvenating skin.

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