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Website rules and regulations


1. Terms and conditions of using the site


Using Javid Tejarat Attar's website means that you are fully aware and agree with the following terms and conditions:

The purchase of goods and services from this site is based on the laws and regulations in e-commerce and in full compliance with all laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


The services and contents of this site are provided for personal and non-commercial use of customers, and the intellectual property of the information contained therein belongs to Javid Tejarat Attar Company, and any misuse of this information is prosecuted. Non-commercial use of the contents of the site is unrestricted by citing the source, and if you wish to use the information on the site for commercial purposes, you must send your request by e-mail to and obtain written permission.

The information provided regarding the technical specifications of the goods and services provided is concise and general, and the company will continuously review and update the information and its contents.


• Javid Tejarat Attar's store does not accept any responsibility for the operation of the site, which may be due to factors outside the management area of ​​this site (such as internet, banking, banking, telecommunications issues, hardware equipment, etc.).


• All the tools used in this website in relation to customers are designed for this purpose only and users are committed to using this tool only to send and receive information that is relevant and relevant to the discussion of the order.


• Internet communication with users through registration on the site and the dialog box is the contact information that we have entered in Contact us (such as address, phone, etc.).


  1. The website of Javid Tejarat Attar Company will not in any way transfer the unique information of users to non-assigned persons and at the same time, by using the latest technologies, it is committed to protecting the privacy of users as much as possible.


  1. Content


Javid Tejarat Attar website makes every effort to provide all its services and uses original sources and references as well as product manufacturing companies in order to produce content. It should be noted that Javid Tejarat Attar Company does not guarantee that product descriptions or other content on the site will be error free. The website of Javid Tejarat Attar Company does not accept any responsibility for the removal of pages from its site or dead links. The services of the site are provided as they are, and the Javid Tejarat Attar website is under no circumstances responsible for the delay or non-functioning of the site, which can be caused by natural factors, manpower, internet problems, failure of computer equipment, telecommunications, etc. Is not responsible.


  1. Coercive power


All the terms and conditions stated are applicable under normal circumstances, and in the event of any force majeure, the Javed Tejarat Attar website has no responsibility. Javid Tejarat Attar Company considers itself obliged to respect the privacy of its users. If you see any violations, please share them with us through the communication channels.


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