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    At Javid Tejarat Attar, we know that in the age of the Internet and social networks, no variable for the success of a business is higher than the level of customer satisfaction, so we have tried to increase the productivity and efficiency of the system through the system. Smart and reliant on modern technologies and reducing the exorbitant costs of advertising; Reduce your profit margins as much as possible and, in addition to providing more and better services, attract the maximum satisfaction of your customers; And that means win-win for us and our customers.

    In a situation where many companies are claiming that they are trying to gain credit for themselves by advertising and spending a lot of money and displaying features and equipment instead of customer satisfaction, we consider our credit to depend on creating a pleasant experience for our customers. Accordingly, those stores are forced to cover their high costs from the pockets of their customers by unconventional price increases, and in front of us in the company by creating the highest work efficiency and eliminating inefficiencies, the best interests of themselves and their customers. We provide syntax.

     Javid Tejarat Attar Company has always stated that one of its advantages over other commercial companies is offering the best prices

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