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History of the Company:

The founders of Javid Tejarat Attar Company started their activities in April 2004 with the establishment of related companies to provide engineering and management services in engineering and tourism projects.

The mission of the company at that time was to advise and provide the best suggestions and solutions to employers, contractors and consultants in the steel and tourism industries based on modern day practices. The use of specialized and experienced staff, up-to-date hardware and software facilities, consistent working practices and the management-founding and founding vision of the company has led the company to operate internationally with internationally accredited companies from the outset. Among the activities undertaken at this time have been marketing in the Central Asian region and some Arab countries. In the postwar period, the importance of expanding its business by establishing infrastructure in Turkey, Spain, Oman and strengthening its head office in Iran and Mashhad has begun to broaden its business activities in terms of import and export from these countries.

Attendance at:

  • Food Exporters Group
  • Iran Chamber of Commerce
  • Oman Iran Chamber of Commerce
  • Holder of e-trust symbol of Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce


Our visions are to market internationalization, create a permanent international market, diversify business, develop and industrialize foreign trade.




The most important mission of the company is to establish a lasting relationship with reputable international suppliers and to offer the best offers and solutions to our customers in the provision of industrial, food, tourism goods as well as effective communication with them in providing after-sales service and developing their business areas.

Part Three: Business Development

Considering the momentary observation of target markets and effective communication with various suppliers in Iran, in the course of expanding its services, it has prepared commercial infrastructure and capillary distribution and sales in Oman and Spain. To this end, it has set up appropriate commercial offices, warehouses for product storage, provision of stores for the introduction of products in Spain, and necessary and relevant measures.

Section Four: Goals and Programs

Given the necessary infrastructure in target countries. The possibility of re-exporting the goods is on the agenda. The possibility of repackaging the goods in the destination country is also being implemented to meet the market needs of the destination and third parties in a way that has little or no sanctions effect.

Always trading company Attar always develops based on the knowledge and market needs of export target countries. The R&D unit of the company always validates the results of its surveys by keeping an eye on the market information and will correct the planned cases if they do not.


Section Four: Company Work Experience and Service Provided

Contracts with European companies to supply goods needed in Iranian market such as edible oils, olive oil.

Supplying goods and services commensurate with the group's ability to market in Oman such as food products, building materials and ETC.

Having a database of more than 1000 products exported to these countries

Ability to participate in public and private tenders in these countries.

Providing all export and re-export services to the Gulf States, Europe and Central Asia.


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