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Stone is one of the most widely used and common building materials used from the past to the present. The stones have unique capabilities that are not comparable to other building materials.
Among the characteristics of building stone can be very high durability and resistance, optimal polishing, abrasion and impact resistance, cutting and polishing, wash ability, color stability, resistance to heat and moisture, tensile and flexural strength, He noted impermeability, resistance to climate change, high hardness and compressive strength, resistance to acidic and alkaline substances, and so on.

Stone is used to cover the interior walls of buildings, facades, road infrastructure, walls and foundations, street floors and sidewalks, and various decorations. Today, in the stone industry, some reputable companies design and produce luxury products using stones. They have made prices such as agate or precious metals such as gold and plating on stone with quasi-gold, silver and other metals. One of the leading companies in the field of stone, luxury and construction stones in the world is Javid Tejarat Attar Company, which is one of the first commercial companies in the field of luxury and construction stones in Iran.

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